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What Our Customers Think

Hey Guys,

I just finished up a carbine lower using the JP-15 you guys sent last week. Iíve mated it to the upper I purchased from you last year. It has an EoTech and co-witnessed iron sights. I need to take it to the range and make sure the pressure is correct to cycle the action but I must say, this is the most amazing rifle. JP has to be the maker of the best parts and AR rifles. ...

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Alright. I put the Tact Comp on my old Bushmaster xm-15e2s. It does not move
when fired. I had at least ten people try it out at my range, and they all
said after the first shot, with a grin, "that is amazing!".

The best $90 I have spent in some time! Thanks Dave and team!
The LRP-07, with the US Night Optics D-760 night vision scope, is so accurate and reliable. I've come to use it as the standard to measure other rifles by. With the D-760 I can shoot sub-minute groups in COMPLETE darkness, no moon, all the way out to 300 yards. In fact, I've killed some big hogs that far out with it.
Truly this rifle is a work of art. It out-shoots my bolt gun and I nev...

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