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What Our Customers Think

The LRP-07, with the US Night Optics D-760 night vision scope, is so accurate and reliable. I've come to use it as the standard to measure other rifles by. With the D-760 I can shoot sub-minute groups in COMPLETE darkness, no moon, all the way out to 300 yards. In fact, I've killed some big hogs that far out with it.
Truly this rifle is a work of art. It out-shoots my bolt gun and I nev...

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Last week I received my lower back from you with your parts installed. I don't have to tell you about the quality of your work, you (and anyone serious about AR's) knows how good it is. The trigger and LMOS functioned flawlessly this past weekend at a 3 gun match in Mississippi without any test firing rounds through it. I just knew it would work and it did. But the real purpose of this email i...

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Dear JP,
Imagine my surprise when you pointed out that the trigger in my BRAND NEW rifle was a stock mil-spec trigger and not the Geissle SSA that was advertised or more importantly that I paid for. There's a reason I keep giving JP my business. Not only do you provide me fantastic triggers every time, but you got me a $200 reimbursement from the OEM of this rifle b/c their quality chec...

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