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What Our Customers Think

I am the proud owner of a JP Enterprises LRP-07. This is a great rifle for my purpose, filling my freezer with deer meat. I have killed my Texas deer limit plus a significant number of pigs since the year I received my rifle. I am not a high volume shooter having only put about 300 rounds through the rifle since I received it but there were a couple of years there that ammunition availability w...

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Thanks for an awesome product. It is so good that I don't like using my stock triggers anymore. The setup is absolutely amazing. Everyone that uses it can't believe how smooth & short the trigger pull is and how short the reset is.
I want to thank you and the JP crew for your outstanding customer support! I currently have two new firearms that will soon be wearing JPoints as well as an AR that needs a muzzle break. I often let other shooters try my JPoint equipped pistol and I will also be telling everyone at the range and in classes about your outstanding products and service.

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