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What Our Customers Think

I had an extra five minutes today and shot the new JP rifle. A friend of mine went with me to the range. I fired a few rounds to get on target at 100 yards and shot a 10 shot group. My buddy walked up to the target and stuck a pencil in the ten shot group. It's a keeper. Thanks for a great rifle.

This weekend I harvested 7 coyotes. The J.P. terminated 6 of them. I started hunting with the J.P. last November and took 37 out of 38 that I shot at last season. I am running 9 for 9 so far this month. I am still having nightmares about the one that got away but I know what human error I committed to cause the miss.

I am picking up the 204 in Georgetown today and putting a 5 x 20...

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Thank you for making the best and continuing to provide good customer service. Loyalty is earned with good customer service and flawless operation of products that do what they are supposed to do.

I'm proud to use the JP rifle.

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