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What Our Customers Think


Thanks for sponsoring the Mulitgun Nationals. It was a fun match.

This was the first major 3 gun match where I got to try out your short range tactical sight and it did wonders to cut down my times on CQ type arrays and stages. A couple of shooters inquired about the sight and I was quick to let them take my rifle to the safety table and try it out and answer any questions they had.

Thanks again,

Lee W.

Video of the CTR-02 in action at the LRPC 3-Gun

I had an extra five minutes today and shot the new JP rifle. A friend of mine went with me to the range. I fired a few rounds to get on target at 100 yards and shot a 10 shot group. My buddy walked up to the target and stuck a pencil in the ten shot group. It's a keeper. Thanks for a great rifle.

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