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What Our Customers Think

The first 5 shot group after getting the rifle sighted in which only took
one shot.

The group was at 100yds with some LC brass, 52gr Sierra MK with some Varget
powder. This was just a load thrown together with no thought of accuracy or
velocity. I was just eager to get to the range to put a few rounds down the

Very impressive for the ...

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Highslide JS
I have been an avid advocate of doing my own rifle builds. Last fall I decided to purchase a complete PSC-11 upper with the 18 barrel to go with my existing JP-15 lower. This has been one sweet shooting piece. Last week while out at the range, I was trying out some of the Federal 69gr Sierra Match King bullets. Shooting from a bipod and with sandbags in the rear for elevation at 100 yds I was co...

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Highslide JS
I wanted to report in about the JP22 I got from you last summer. I have now run, I would guess, 2,500 rounds through it. It hiccuped one time on a really old and crappy Remington .22 and since I didn't use any more of those, it cycles everything else flawlessly.

As much as it bothered me to do it, I didn't even clean it until after at least 2,000 rounds. And it still ran f...

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