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What Our Customers Think

Thanks for a great product. This is my third JP trigger system and I installed it in my latest AR-15 without ever firing a round through it using the factory trigger. There is no comparison between the two triggers.
I just received and installed your silent captured spring in my JP Carbine. The fit and finish of this thing is nothing short of amazing. It seems a shame to hide it in a buffer tube. Then again, installed in said buffer tube, I can't believe what it does for the smoothness of the action. This is a spectacular part that takes an already great design execution and improves it by yet another order of magnitude.

Nice work guys!

Brian P.
I recently watched a Nutnfancy booth review with Mr. John Paul at the 2012 SHOT show. I'm a follower of TNP and I was extremely impressed with Mr. Paul (looks like a guy I'd like to have a beer with). Until then, I've not heard of Mr. Paul or JP Enterprises but I look forward to learning more about your company. Also, congrats for making a product that is a beautiful blend of form and function.

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