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What Our Customers Think

I just received and installed your silent captured spring in my JP Carbine. The fit and finish of this thing is nothing short of amazing. It seems a shame to hide it in a buffer tube. Then again, installed in said buffer tube, I can't believe what it does for the smoothness of the action. This is a spectacular part that takes an already great design execution and improves it by yet another order of magnitude.

Nice work guys!

Brian P.
I recently watched a Nutnfancy booth review with Mr. John Paul at the 2012 SHOT show. I'm a follower of TNP and I was extremely impressed with Mr. Paul (looks like a guy I'd like to have a beer with). Until then, I've not heard of Mr. Paul or JP Enterprises but I look forward to learning more about your company. Also, congrats for making a product that is a beautiful blend of form and function.
The first 5 shot group after getting the rifle sighted in which only took
one shot.

The group was at 100yds with some LC brass, 52gr Sierra MK with some Varget
powder. This was just a load thrown together with no thought of accuracy or
velocity. I was just eager to get to the range to put a few rounds down the

Very impressive for the ...

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