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What Our Customers Think

I have yet to see the custom MOR-10 my buddy Hintz recieved, but I hear it is sweet. My shift partner said he shot 4 rounds at 1000 yards through it the first time he held it with 3 hits on 12" steel.

A few weeks ago I had talked to you all at JP about being dissatisfied with my JP modular trigger after feeling a few other people's AR triggers at the range. You guys called me and offered to exchange my modular trigger and install a new EZ trigger kit. I mailed my lower and modular trigger in, and got it back about a week ago. I have since fired a few hundred rounds (mostly my 69gr. SMK han...

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WOW, WOW, and WOW!!

Incredible finish. Without a doubt the nicest finished barrel I have ever seen. Amazing level of detail. The brake to barrel fit is so tight that I can not even see the line where they join.

My 22" barrel is lighter then a DPMS 18" SASS Fluted offering. Outstanding.

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