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What Our Customers Think

I just received my silent captured spring for my AR and I have to say that this piece of engineering is absolutely amazing. It took the "twang" out of the buffer tube and make the rifle much more comfortable to shoot. It reminds me of a precision-tune job I got for my air rifle. Night and day difference!


Matthew K.
I got my 6.5 Grendel barrel kit and all I can say is wow, it is like artwork! Beautiful piece!

I finally got a chance to break in my current 16" carbine AR build where I have installed your A2 style FSB adjustable gas block (item # JPGS-2FS ). It was extremely easy to set up although trying to center the FSB post on the barrel was a pain but that is mostly due to my perfectionism in having to have the FSB post perfectly straight up and down. Once I installed it I took it to the range...

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