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What Our Customers Think

I wanted to inform you that I just ordered one of your match ready rifle uppers (18" JP-15). I've always admired JP products, but I never realized the value until I received the AMCS Chassis. Your direct involvement in sponsoring the Steel Safari / Competition Dynamics matches has brought you another customer. Thanks for sponsoring these types of matches, it really means a lot to us shoo...

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Yesterday I received the bolt I ordered for my .308 AR. It is one fine looking piece of work. I'm glad I decided to spend the money and I'll be ordering your handguard soon.

Thank you for being a sponsor of Woody's DM Shoot in New Hill NC that is how I became aware of your products.


The quality is excellent. I am a tool and die maker by trade and frankly it takes a lot to impress me, but i am impressed.

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