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What Our Customers Think

This is the first JPFC-1 I've done and I'm really impressed with the quality. The instructions were clear and complete and made the process straight forward. I now have an AR-15 in 300 BLK that has become my favorite rifle.

Thanks for the great product.
The new buffer system really works. I have never really liked a light carrier until combining it with the new buffer. For light loads I have been running all heavy carrier and buffer components and low gas pressure. Worked great for the 3gunnation speed courses but not so much for my fast 69 gr. loads. For 69 gr. at 2800fps plus the heavy carrier and light buffer seemed best.


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First of all, I wanted to thank you for your support of the shooting sports.
I was fortunate enough to win one of your JPFCP-1EZ fire control systems at
the Northwest Multigun match. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your
efforts to grow the number of shooters involved in these types of events.
This will help ensure my children (and hopefully grandchildren) w...

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