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What Our Customers Think

I took my JP-15 upper to the range today and was blown away with how nice it is. I knew it would be nice, but not that nice. I am not kidding you, it will hit a dime @ 100 yds. 69g Nosler Custom Competition with 25g of N140 in Lake City brass does the trick. Most of the bullet holes were touching each other.

The lack of recoil with the LMOS, captured spring and compensator is am...

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The ergonomics of the JP AMCS chassis system excel on the less than ideal barricades. Thank you again for allowing us to shoot your equipment.
I finished putting my rifle together using the adjustable gas block, low mass
bolt carrier and silent capture spring. WOW!

The smoothest shooting AR I've ever shot and I've fired hundreds of them. It took me about 6 rounds to get the gas block adjusted like you recommended and now it runs like a top! (not sure what that saying truly means, but its smooth!!). Th...

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