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What Our Customers Think

"It's AR fun, .22 cost to shoot, and JP quality. Awesome." 2012-01-18
I wanted to report in about the JP22 I got from you last summer. I have now run, I would guess, 2,500 rounds through it. It hiccuped one time on a really old and crappy Remington .22 and since I didn't use any more of those, it cycles everything else flawlessly.

As much as it bothered me to do it, I didn't even clean it until after at least 2,000 rounds. And it still ran fine. I just had to clean it after that, I couldn't stand it any more. It has become, hands down, my favorite rifle.

Oh, by the way, it shoots to the same point of aim as the CTR-02. At least at ranges appropriate for a .22 (like 50-60 yards and a holdover after that). So the same EoTech on a LaRue mount works for both.

It's AR fun, .22 cost to shoot, and JP quality. Awesome.

- Mark

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