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Trijicon Optics

In addition to the standard Trijicon product offerings, we also offer our exclusive JP CTR-02 Trijicon scope.

TA01NSN with TA51 mount

There are many great optical sights. I personally own many scopes made by quite a number of manufacturers in a broad range of prices. However, the more experience I have in competition and practical rifle use in general, the more respect I have for the Trijicon series of ACOGŪ optical sights for use on AR-15 type rifles. That's why we have designed the new CTR-02 upper receiver with Integral ACOGŪ Interface.

I've said many times that if I could only have one scope for the rest of my life, it would have to be a TA01 ACOGŪ. It represents the best compromise between all the things that make a great rifle optic. It features a huge field of view at a useable magnification, extremely high resolution and freedom from parallax within its usable range. Most of all, the trajectory map incorporated in the reticle makes guessing hold over or trying to reset your zero for some particular range obsolete. Just find the correct yardage line and shoot. Did I mention that the reticle is night time lit with a tritium power source that will last for many years and not require batteries?

TA11 with TA51 mount

The thing that continually amazes me is the groups that I can shoot with the TA01. The group on the target below was shot with a TA01. At .276 ctr to ctr dispersion, it represents the best accuracy potential of the rifle and the limit of my shooting ability. I can't do any better with a 20X target type scope. The key word here is "resolution." Don't leave home without it. High resolution glass is the key to accurate shooting with optical sights. The ability to resolve the reticle into your target precisely is essential for any serious accuracy.

This outer edge of the actual black square measures 2 inches

The entire series of Trijicon ACOGŪ sights are great practical rifle optics. They're the result of a collaboration between engineers and experienced combat veterans from our special forces units, shooters who know what it takes to get the job done in the real world. Ever notice those funny looking scopes on US Special Forces soldiers' M4 carbines when you see them in some God-forsaken place on the news? Those are Trijicon TA01NSN models. Combat proven. Ask those who know firsthand.

TA51 Mount

These same qualities make these sights the best choice for most practical/tactical rifle competitions. Just take a look around at an action rifle event and see what kind of glass is sitting on top of most rifles. The acronym is A-C-O-G, Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight. Get one!

JP CTR-02 with TA01JP ACOGŪ and Integral ACOGŪ Mount.

The ACOG/JPoint is the most effective short/medium-range sight system to date. We now have a Scopecoat brand scope cover specially made for the ACOG/JPoint assembly.

Return/exchange of optics: We will accept returns of optics for exchange or refund up to 30 days from date of sale if you decide that some other optic is better suited for your purposes.  You must call for a return authorization number and the product must be new in box, unopened (cellophane still on the box if part of the original packaging). 

Warrantee service on optics with manufacture related defects: We only sell high quality optics warranted by the original manufacturers.  Once a scope has been opened, mounted or used in any fashion, repair or replacement for warranty related defects will be handled by the manufacture, not JP Enterprises, Inc.  The manufacturers represented on our website offer quick and efficient warrantee service and it is actually faster for you to deal direct with them rather than sending it to us and having us send the scope in for service.  We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but this policy is standard throughout the industry.

Please note: Due to the increasing rate of fraudulent purchases of high priced scopes online using stolen credit cards, we have put into effect the following security measure procedures regarding such online sales :

1. No expedited shipping will be allowed. Optics will ship by ground UPS only.
2. The "bill to" and "ship to" addresses must be the same.
3. The three digit CVS code on the back of the card must be included.
4. The credit card processing bank's phone number must be included.
5. You will be contacted by phone to verify that your credit card has not been stolen.

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TA01NSNTrijicon TA01NSN $1,145.00
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JPTA-FTMJP ACOG™ Scope Mount for Interface with Picatinny Rail$44.95
TA51Trijicon Flat Top Mount$68.00
SCOPECOAT-1Scope Coat for ACOG/JPoint combination$18.95

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