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Adapters and Accessories for the JPoint®

We now offer 19 mounting adapters for a variety of applications with more in design all the time. Most adapters allow use of the JPoint sight on guns with existing rear sight cuts such as Smith & Wesson Revolvers, 1911s, Glocks, EAA, CZ, and more. Others fit special applications like shotgun barrel mounts and piggy-back secondary sight on 1” scope tubes. The rear sight adapters fit right into the existing sight cuts on your slide and allow the lowest possible position of the sight without any additional millwork. A great way to resurrect an old single stack comp pistol and make it a state-of-the-art optical gun without putting ugly holes and mounts on the frame.

Our S&W mount again allows for lower positioning of the sight than using the rail adapter, and the lower the sight is to the gun the better it works. Our new shotgun adapter actually attaches to the barrel using a high tech adhesive. You merely cut out a section of rib and glue the base to the barrel for a sight position that puts the window of the sight about even with the rib for incredible speed on steel target or birds and carbine accuracy with slugs. You can also continue to shoot off the rib in case you don’t want to use the sight or you have a battery failure.


The JPA-Guard is a valuable protective accessory for any critical application where your mounted JPoint® might be damaged. The guard wing accessory includes extra-length mounting screws allowing it to simply sandwiches between the sight and any flat-base mount to provide impact protection with negligible extra weight.

This part is especially recommended for the JPA-SM30/1C piggyback scope mounting hardware. Likewise, if your JPoint®-equipped handgun has any self-defense or duty application, the JPA-Guard should certainly be added to that setup. The JPA-Guard can also be mounted on any non-JP sight mount that is cut for the JPoint® foot print.


We now have a one degree shim piece to correct problems with elevation run out on some applications. A common problem with these sights is running out of elevation adjustment due to point of impact variance on some pistols. Barrel length on revolvers and barrel fitment on many custom pistols can place the point of impact out of the range of internal adjustment on some sight/mount combinations. This is a quick drop in fix for that problem. The JP shim is a plastic piece with the female foot print on the bottom and the male foot print on top (like a domino) to fit between the sight and existing mount. It's reversible to allow for more either elevation or declination of the sight.

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JPoint Mount Bundles
JPOINT4-WPG-ROSJPoint4 Offset Mount Bundle
JPOINT8-WPG-ROSJPoint8 Offset Mount Bundle
JPoint Adapters | Rifles and Shotguns
JPA-SM30/1CJPoint mount for scope tube fits 30mm and 1 inch scopes with included adapter rings$79.95
JPA-TANSNJPoint Mount Adapter with Integral Guard Wings for Trijicon TA01-NSN ACOG Scope$69.95
JPA-TASBottom Strap to Mount JPA-TANSN Adapter to Standard (non NSN) ACOG Eyepiece$24.95
JPA-WPJPoint Mount Adapter for Weaver or Picatinny Style Rails$79.95
JP A-WPGJPoint Mount Adapter for Picatinny/Weaver Interface with JPoint Guard Wings$139.95
JPROS45° Rail Offset Adapter$62.00
JPoint Adapters | Pistols
JPA-11JPoint mount adapter standard fixed sight rear 1911 dovetail$44.95
JPA-BMJPoint mount adapter to fit Bomar BMCS melt in slide cut$44.95
JPA-NVJPoint Mount Adapter for Novak Fixed Sight Cut$44.95
JPA-GJPoint mount adapter for any Glock pistol$44.95
JPA-RP/22JPoint Mount Adapter for Ruger "P" Series center fire pistol and Ruger MKII or MKIII series pistol$39.95
JPA-RRJPoint Mount Adapter for Ruger Double Action Revolvers with Adjustable Sights$44.95
JPA-SIGJPoint Mount Adapter for Sig Centerfire Pistol$44.95
JPA-SWRJPoint Mount Adapter to Fit Smith & Wesson Revolvers$49.95
JPA-XDJPoint Mount Adapter for Springfield Armory Series XD Pistols$44.95
JPoint Shims Kits
JPA-SHIMJPoint 1� Reversible Mounting Shim for adjusting sight angle$4.95
JPA-SHIM3Reversible 1° Mounting Shim for adjusting sight angle

Set of 3
JPA-SHIM5Reversible 1° Mounting Shim for adjusting sight angle

Set of 5
JPA-SHIM8Reversible 1° Mounting Shim for adjusting sight angle

Set of 8
JPoint Accessories
CR2032CR2032 Lithium Battery$1.95
JPOINTCJPoint Cover$5.95
JPA-GUARDGuard Wings for JPoint sight mounts$69.95

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JP Targets PDF download file of printable targets to maximize your ability to shoot the tightest possible groups with a variety of optics at various ranges.

GasGunBasics JP Produced DVD offers great tips on detailed target analysis.

Optics Theory

Rifle-Optic Bundle Discount

Printable targets to maximize your ability to shoot the tightest possible groups with a variety of optics at various ranges.