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Trigger Enhancement and Accessories for Glock Pistols

If you own one, you know how difficult it is controlling the unusual trigger feel of a Glock pistol and might conclude that their accuracy potential is limited because of it. That’s exactly what prompted us to perfect a modification package for Glock pistols that guarantees to improve your control and accuracy with these great pistols. While still retaining all safety features of the Glock, our trigger modification eliminates roughness and inconsistency from shot to shot and reduces overtravel to the minimum necessary for reliable function resulting in greater accuracy at higher speed. If you are an IPSC action pistol shooter, you can look forward to faster splits on your double taps, fewer misses, and a better score on those long-range standard exercises. The reaction we get to our trigger work from most shooters is, “ I can’t believe it’s a Glock!”

As part of this procedure, we also improve the slide/frame fit, which eliminates slide movement with trigger prep, one of the main causes of the “mushy” feel that the stock trigger setup has. A fringe benefit to this is improved accuracy resulting from a more consistent in-battery relationship between slide, frame and barrel.

For information on preparing and shipping your firearm to JP, please fill out our Work Order.

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