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Strayer-Voigt INFINITY

JP is proud to be a Strayer-Voigt (SV) distributor for the state-of-the-art INFINITY custom pistols. We are avid competitive shooters in the unique position to try many types and brands of hardware, and suffice it to say, the INFINITY is the pistol of choice for competition use. And that's not because we sell them, but because they're absolutely the best we've seen. They are to competition-ready pistols what we are to AR-type rifles—the benchmark. We both take an all-out approach to quality and execution and approach everything from an innovating perspective. Just take the SV's extended frame feature combined with the bushingless full-profile bull barrel and full-profile slide, which makes for a perfectly balanced gun with minimal muzzle flip even in non-ported standard version.

When you pick up an SV pistol, you'll be immediately impressed by the slide/frame fit and lockup, the refined trigger and the unswerving attention to cosmetic detail. These pistols offer the refinement and quality of the best custom gunsmiths at a production price, and we have been impressed by the unswerving consistency from gun to gun. Whether your interest is competition shooting, recreational shooting, law enforcement or personal defense, you can't make a better choice than INFINITY.

As a high-demand, limited production pistol, the availability of INFINITYs is very changeable with new inventory arriving infrequently and selling out very quickly. Be sure to watch our inventory page closely if you want to get your hands on one of the finest made and best-looking 1911-type pistols you've ever laid eyes on.

SV Pistol