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CTR-02™ Rifle and CTI-23™ Upper Assembly

Our Competition Tactical Rifle (CTR-02™) represented an industry milestone for ARs when it debuted two decades ago. Since then, it’s taken its place in the winner’s circles at many matches in the hands of the world’s top shooters like Daniel Horner and Robby Johnson. Its reliability and accuracy are legendary, and with the new semi-monolithic CTI-23™ upper receiver option, the CTR is poised for a third decade of prominence in the world of action shooting competition.

The modern CTR-02™ is our signature billet receiver set evolved for a new era of competition shooting. Machined from 7075-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum with distinctive JP receiver styling, the CTR is a light-weight design ideal for an action rifle build with a signature exaggerated magazine well makes for quick, easy reloads.

New to the CTR platform is the CTI-23™ upper receiver, incorporating the integrated hand guard nut design of our next generation receiver designs. This feature all but eliminates the possibility for barrel flex at the receiver to achieve supreme stability. Going further, the integral nut design uses an undersized ID requiring a mandatory Thermo-Fit™ barrel installation. Receiver and barrel fuse into a single, unshakeable unit to tap the AR platform’s full accuracy potential, especially at long range.

The CTR-02™ is available as a complete custom rifle or as a ready-to-roll 3-Gun Ready Rifle. The CTI-23™ upper receiver will also mate to any Mil-spec-pattern lower, making a complete upper assembly an easy upgrade. Each CTR is assembled from our finest components with a wide range of barrel, hand guard and finishing options. Spec the perfect CTR now in our online Rifle Builder.

Base Rifle Specifications:

Receiver: Machined-from-billet 7075-T6 integral nut, top-charge receiver set
Receiver Finish: Matte black hard coat anodizing on aluminum components
Barrel: JP Supermatch™ 416R air-gauged, button-rifled, cryogenically treated barrel with Thermo-Fit™ installation
Barrel Finish: Polished stainless
Muzzle Treatment: JP Compensator, blended and polished
Caliber: .223/5.56, 6.5 Grendel, .300 AAC Blackout, .22 LR
Buttstock: Hogue Overmolded, Magpul CTR or Mission First Tactical BATTLELINK™
Grip: Hogue pistol grip
Hand Guard: JP MK III Hand Guard System (Signature or Rapid Configuration)
Gas System: JP adjustable
Operating System: Choice of JP Low Mass Operating System (LMOS™) or JP Full Mass Operating System (FMOS™)
Trigger: JP Fire Control Package available in weights of 3.0-5.0 lbs.
Accessories: JP accessory pack including operator’s manual, one magazine*, and more

CTR-02™ Rifle
Base Price: $2599

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CTI-23™ Upper Assembly
Base Price: $1639

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CTR-02™ Lower Assembly
Base Price: $699

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