JP-AMCS Savage

JP AMCS™ Chassis

The JP Advanced Modular Chassis System is the direct result of founder John Paul's years of long-range shooting experience. After the AI chassis proved to be an intriguing but frustrating design, our goal became to port over the vastly superior ergonomics and modularity of an AR to a bolt gun platform, and the JP AMCS™ succeeds in delivering the best of both worlds.

Machined from 6061 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, the AMCS™ will accept most Savage short action rifles. The chassis includes the precision-type tactical grip with palm shelf, fully adjustable butt stock, QD studs for bipod or sling systems and is also designed to accept the Accu-Shot Monopod system. For convenience and portability, the AMCS™ stock assembly also folds 180° and locks in place for storage in a smaller case or strapping to an ATV.


  • Weight: 83 ounces
  • Length of Pull: 13 inches
  • Maximum Barrel OD: 1.2 inches


The AMCS™ is designed to mimic the more controlled interface of a gas gun, which is why we incorporated an ambidextrous, extended magazine release that does not require the operator to relinquish his shooting grip in order to perform a magazine change. It's also why we opted for a pistol grip with palm shelf as well as a modified Magpul PRS stock. This means that, along with the stock length, the cheek piece is adjustable and can be raised to accommodate an AR-15-type optics mounting system such as our own JP Flat-Top Scope Mounts with a line of bore relative to shoulder identical to the gas gun. For a more traditional bolt gun setup, you need only lower the cheek piece and use your preferred standard height rings. What's more, adding on our JP Adjustable Butt Plate upgrade will give you unmatched ergonomic personalization. In the end, you have the most comfortable chassis system with the most linear impulse feel and reduced muzzle rise possible.

Note on Savage Action Compatibility:

Due to the many number of configurations of the Savage action please check your rifle closely before ordering the JP AMCS™ Savage chassis. It will fit rifles that meet all of the following criteria (click here to see a diagram):

  • Right-handed
  • 4.40 inches between actions screws
  • Bolt release on the SIDE of the action, NOT in front of the trigger

Product Instructions

Scope Mount:

Price: $824.25