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JP Flat-Top Scope Mounts

Designed to match the lines and profile of our billet receivers like the LRP-07™ and SCR-11™, the JP Flat-Top Scope Mount carries a great reputation for being highly robust and solid with reliable return-to-zero when removed or replaced. Its appearances can be deceiving, though, because this reliable, heavy-duty design actually weighs in comparably to many other popular mounts, meaning you don't have to sacrifice quality for a lighter-weight rig.

As it turns out, most of the weight difference between the JP and many other mounts comes from the steel components of the quick-detach (QD) features incorporated by other manufacturers. This QD issue can be a polarizing one, but our extensive competition experience has shown that, preferences aside, most shooters very rarely remove their optic once it's set up the way they prefer, especially while in the field where QD features are most justifiable. What's more, we've never been ones to shirk the aesthetics of our own rifles, and the protruding knobs and levers of most QD mechanisms can be unsightly and look out of place, not to mention to prospect of QD mechanisms to mar receiver rails on occasion.

Beyond just mounts, don't forget that we offer a full line of premium optics personally selected by JP founder John Paul. Read more about optics here.

JP Optic Mounts
JPFTSM-30/1JP Flat-Top Scope Mount, 30mm/1" $179.95
JPFTSM-30/1EExtended one piece flat top scope mount for 1" and 30mm scopes (30mm with 1" adapter) $224.95
JPFTSM-34JP Flat-Top Scope Mount, 34mm $179.95
JPFTSM-34EExtended one piece flat top scope mount for 34mm scopes $224.95
JPFTSM-1A30mm-1" Adapter ring set$29.95
JPROSJP Rail Offset Adapter, Quick Detach 45 on Bore Axis, 1.25"$59.95
JPROS-LJP Rail Offset Adapter, Quick Detach 45 on Bore Axis, 4"$52.46

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